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My 14-Hour Search for the End of TGI Friday's Endless Appetizers

Bit of a long read but its the least you can do to follow this young ladys adventure!

The New Apple Watch

I was going to do a tweet about it to join the hyperbole but I thought I would treat Tumblr to my thoughts on it. Also, I don’t have many thoughts on technology these days. If shit does the basic things you require it to do, then BLAOOW, it works.

Anyway, fan bois all over the planet are currently looking at their wrists like ‘oh snap, ima be able to get all my notifications right here soon. The future is coming’ And I be like, errrr, okay. So now the wrist phone is here, one day, I will have to have one of these like when Apple made touch screens. EVERY PHONE BECAME A TOUCH SCREEN. I do miss buttons. Keyboard for example, lots of buttons, typing gets done. Screen keyboards are very quick to give me type fatigue even with all the assistance Swift Key gives me. (Yes I have an Android Phone, I am broke, cant afford an iPhone)

The new watch also contains a heart monitor and helps with exercise. Now if you are anything like me, you probably have a desk job. This means you get to be online all day. It also means that people like you to sit down for as long as possible. Do you really need a piece of equipment that says you sat for 6 hours and walked for 1 and hit the gym for another hour. I just worked it all out for you, FO FREE. If you are lucky enough to have one of those jobs where you can be unshackled from your chair then you are either, no way interested in an Apple Watch because you probably have a real job which means you have stuff to do OR you are the perfect market for an Apple Watch as you fleet from meeting to meeting via the gym / spa / squash court / golf course / massage parlour (new app idea, get a happy ending and try to get the lowest heart rate score). You people have already placed pre orders.

So, the new tech is all about the wrist. Yes, the overly male dominated industry of geeks and nerds have brought the focus of everything to their most looked at place on their bodies. Although, you wear your watch on the OTHER wrist.

Im gone.

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